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What patients need to know about ERCP

Most people will never have an ERCP. However, for patients who need it, ERCP is a critical and life-saving procedure. ERCP is the least invasive way for doctors to diagnose and treat problems in the bile duct and pancreatic ducts, including infections, stones, tumors, and blockages. Experts all agree that there is no demonstrable infection transmission risk related to upper endoscopy or colonoscopy. Patients should not avoid these procedures, which include colon cancer screening tests. To put the issue in perspective, the infectious complication rate for these specific types of infections is about 150 out of more than 1 million procedures over the last two years. The therapeutic benefits of this procedure far outweigh the potential low risk of infection. For more information about these bacteria, visit the CDC website. AGA appreciates the involvement of CDC, FDA, FUJI, Pentax, ECRI Institute and the GI and infectious disease experts in developing these recommendations and for their commitment to "Getting to Zero."
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"Dr.Folan has been my Dr. and he is amazing. Finally got my husband to go and he really likes him and I tell everybody to go to you all. We stay on top of our cancer screening because it's easy and so important! Thanks guy's!" –G.Johnson

"They are top notch. Always professional and my Dr. has a sense of humor." –M.Smith

"Thank-you for going the extra mile in your office to make it much more pleasant! The warm blankets and socks were great! The Moon Me Mocha coffee and biscotti were great after the procedure." –J.Pollard

"If everyone was like your office it would be really nice." –K.Smith

"Keep it up. Your facility is top notch. Other medical facilities should use your facility as a template." –L.Spann

"I have been a patient of Dr.Meister for several years and he is always giving me a clear and concise explanation to my questions and medical issues." –E.Hernandez

"Dr.Meister seems to very concerned about my welfare, I really like him. The nurse practitioner I saw before was also very good. I would not hesitate to recommend to family members or friends!" –C.Sanchez

"Dr.Iwata is top notch. You sense he really cares, listens well, is always caring, and explains everything you want to know." –C.Chang

"Dr. Henrique Fernandez was very helpful and considerate. He listened to our needs and seemed like he genuinely wanted to help." –P.Sites

"Dr.Meister knows his subject and cares about his patients. He researches the patients test results and medical history to determine the effectiveness of medications and dietary changes. He is very caring and professional person." –J.VanPelt

"Trish spent a lot of time with me and answered all my questions and problems that I was having. She was very understanding." –M.Richardson

"Dr.Iwata is a caring person who listens calmly, answers questions fully, gives professional advice for concerns, and explains procedures clearly." –G.Hansen