Bottoms Up Cafe - Menu

Espresso Favorites

Starbutts Steamer

Espresso with foamed milk

Lights Out Latte

Espresso with steamed milk and your choice of flavor

Moon Me Mocha

Latte with hot chocolate

Brewed Awakening

Espresso with just a splash of hot milk

Wake Me Up Before You Go "Joe"

Espresso with hot water

Reflux Deluxe

Straight espresso - single or double

Coffee Free Favorites

Derriere Delight

Hot tea with your choice of honey and/or milk

Get up and Go - Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate with steamed milk

Additional Services

Warm Blanket & Socks

In case you have cold feet about your procedure

Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

Scented stress relief… around your neck

Steamed Wash Cloth

Freshen up after your procedure. Your ride will thank you.

Add a flavor shot to any drink - Caramel,
Vanilla or Hazelnut. Sugar-free Caramel or Vanilla
All complimentary and available upon request
just ask any staff member