Q: What does a colonoscopy cost?
A: Depends on where the procedure is performed.

Q: Do I need to have a referral to have a procedure or can I just schedule?
A: All HMO plans require a referral. All others can self refer.

Q: What medication should I stop?
A: Please contact the prescribing provider for instructions on your medications. Blood thinners can put a patient at a higher risk.

Q: I took an 81 mg baby Aspirin yesterday or my physician says I can't stop my blood thinners. Can I still have my procedure?
A: Yes. Make sure to tell the admission nurse all medications you are on and when you last took them.

Q: I am on daily pain medication. Can I take it the morning of my procedure?
A: Yes continue your chronic pain medication as prescribed.

Q: I take (ex. Unisom, calcium, Zoloft etc.) Is it ok to keep taking it up until my procedure?
A: Yes. Make sure to tell the admission nurse all medications you are on and when you last took them.

Q: Can I take my medications the morning of the procedure?
A: We recommend patients continue their heart or blood pressure medications. Diabetics need special instructions regarding their medication.

Q: I don't like to use any of the preps. They make me nauseous. Can I prep myself using an enema?
A: No. Enemas do not reach high enough to clean the entire colon. The prep must be taken as instructed by our office.

Q: Do I REALLY have to get up 4 hours before my procedure or can I take both doses the night before?
A: You need to get up 4 hours prior to the procedure to take the prep. It is proven that split doses are the most effective preparation for your procedure.

Q: Since I live 200 miles away, can I do my prep earlier then 4 hours prior?
A: Yes

Q: I'm diabetic. I must eat. What do I do?
A: Drink a lot of liquids. Use boost or ensure. Have something with sugar on hand in case of low blood sugar. You can have breakfast the day before the procedure for Colonoscopies, or before 7 am on the day of the procedure for EGD's

Q: Can I have gum before my procedure?
A: Yes, but it must be removed prior to your procedure.

Q: Can I use slim fast instead of boost or ensure?
A: No. Slim fast is not digested the same way as boost or ensure.

Q: What is the sedation the doctor uses?
A: Versed, Fentanyl, Demerol or Diprivan/Propofol

Q: Do you use anesthesiologist for these procedures?
A: If Diprivan/Propofol is administered, it is done by an anesthetist. With other sedation methods, a qualified procedure nurse is administering the drug under the direct supervision of the doctor.

Q: Do I need a ride?
A: Yes, you will be receiving sedation and someone over the age of 18 needs to drive you home.

Q: Does my ride have to stay the whole time or can they leave and come back?
A: Our physicians ask that they stay for the entire time.

Q: When can I drive or return to work?
A: The day after your procedure.

Q: Why don't you know if Medicare will cover the procedure for sure?
A: We can not guarantee any benefits due to the different policies and insurance procedures.

Q: Can you fax my prescription to my mail order pharmacy?
A: We do not fax prescriptions for patients. We will give them a written prescription that they can mail or fax in.

Q: I had a procedure or labs last week, why hasn't anyone called me with the results?
A: It might take up to 10-14 business days to get results to patients. They will receive a letter in the mail unless there is a concern and then we will call them.

Q: Should I reschedule if I am on my menstrual cycle?
A: No this will not affect your procedure

Q: Do we do Lap band/gastric bypass surgery?
A: No. There are surgeons at Penrose Hospital that do the procedure.

Q: Do we treat external hemorrhoids?
A: No. We can treat internal ones but external hemorrhoids require a surgeon.

Q: Are our doctor surgeons? Do they remove gallbladders / appendix?
A: No. We will refer them to a surgeon.