Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

What is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (Flex-Sig)?

A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy allows the physician to look inside the first part
of the small intestine, from the lowest part, the rectum, all the way up
through the sigmoid colon. The procedure is used to look for inflamed tissue,
abnormal growths, ulcers, bleeding and muscle spasms. It can also detect early
signs of cancer in the sigmoid colon and rectum.

How do I get ready for a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

Your colon must be completely empty for the procedure. You will need to restrict
your diet and take some form of laxative. Each of GACS's physicians has their
own preferred prep. You will be provided with detailed instructions from our office.

What can I expect the day of my procedure?

Once you have checked in with the receptionist, a nurse or technician will
bring you back to your private room. Your vitals will be taken, your health
history will be reviewed and an IV will be inserted into a vein. This will be
used by your anesthetist to administer a sedative to make you comfortable. Some
people do not require anesthesia since this is a very quick procedure and the
scope is not inserted very far. The choice is yours to make. Once you are ready,
the physician will insert a lighted, flexible tube with a camera on the end into
your rectum. The tube will be advanced to the sigmoid colon (first part of your
colon). If anything out of the ordinary is observed, the physician can take a
tissue sample (aka - biopsy). This will be sent to a lab for testing.

The procedure usually takes no more than 15 minutes but can last up to 30 minutes.
Once it is done, you will be taken back to your private room for recovery.
If you had anesthesia, you will begin waking up very soon. You will be given a
copy of the report and one will also be sent to your primary care doctor for
their records. You will be able to resume a normal diet. Don't forget to ask
for your gourmet coffee or tea from our Bottom's UP Cafe before you leave.

Once you are ready to leave, the nurse will walk you to your car. Please note
that if you have anesthesia, you will need to have someone with you to drive
you home.

If you would like to make an appointment, Please give us a call at 719-632-7101
or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment..