Insurances Accepted

It depends on your insurance and the type of coverage you have as to if they will cover your office visit at GACS or procedure at one of our centers. You should contact your insurance plan to determine what co-pays and/or deductibles you have for office visits and procedures. If you have an appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners, they are considered a specialist as well.

There are other commercial insurance carriers that could be included under contacts we have with Third Party Administrators.You can contact your insurance company and ask them if they are contracted with any of our physicians or with Gastroenterology Associates of Colorado Springs located at 1699 Medical Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

** The physicians at GACS may be contracted, however Pikes Peak and Briargate Endoscopy Centers are not contracted with Centura based plans. Due to this restriction we are unable to see patients with Centura based plans.